6 Peoples Reactions to the CRAZY 900hp 3Dx Evo

Harrier Jump Jet - AV-8B Harrier II

Teen Invents Affordable Self-Driving Car

World’s Most Dangerous Jet Powered Bicycle – Norah


NorahWhile science and technology are busy in bringing new and innovating gadgets to the market, there is another line of production at work too; Do it yourself projects! These are the people who enjoy doing what they do as their hobby. What we have for you today is yet another story of such a person who is known for building with tools that an engineer would laugh at. Meet Colin Furze, a British garage inventor who has a series of inventions to his name! For his recent invention he says; ‘It is as Mad as it looks!’ The invention is known by her name; Norah and is a jet powered bicycle whose safety one can question.Norah 4The bicycle has been made just the way it says in its name; a homemade jet engine has been strapped to an old bike and our inventor has made the most dangerous bike, perhaps ever made! His list of inventions may lead one to believe that our crazy inventor here is an engineer who has a passion for coming up with crazy ideas and executing them, however, you will be surprised to know that he is a plumber who loves to create such dangerous DIY in his home workshop. A few of his inventions include; world’s longest motorbike, gas powered stroller and the fastest mobility scooter.Norah 2Colin Fruze is a living proof that one need not have an expensive laboratory and tools at one’s disposal to produce something amazing. Norah can reach speeds of 50 Mph and as anyone can imagine, it is quite dangerous yet pretty much fun to ride it. The engine exhaust gets  flaming red hot at full throttle rendering this DIY a really ‘hot’ vehicle! Our crazy inventor decided not to use a heat shield and instead managed to put in some distance between the engine and rider’s butt. But the heat is going to be least of your worries once you’re on this bike! From pleasing ride to hard to control ride and finally near death ride, this experience will definitely leave you amazed and thrilled.
Norah 3

Colin survived his trial ride and is looking forward to riding the bike at even higher speeds!

Nature inspired design | Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

Introducing the ELF, a battery-powered car-bicycle hybrid

  • elfbike.jpg
    July 24, 2013: This photo shows the Organic Transits ELF bike in a parking lot in Reston, Va. (AP/Valerie Bonk)

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/07/31/introducing-elf-battery-powered-car-bicycle-hybrid/#ixzz2akzbLhHL

Survive in the Survivor Truck

► Flying Car - Pal-V One

Terrafugia TF-X Concept Flying Car

Terrafugia’s Next Hybrid Car

Some of you might be thinking of the Jetsons, but this is for real! It's the Terrafugia’s TF-X concept flying car that is also a Hybrid and a street legal plug-in. Can you imagine lifting-up from a highway during rush hour traffic and flying away?!

The next TF-X will have four-seats, collapsible wings, retractable propellers and an emergency parachute system. The best part is, it will be capable of driving and flying on its own!

Terrafugia’s CEO Car Dietrich said, “This is the right time for us to begin thinking about the future". We think he's right and wonder what type of license we will need to drive/fly one of these. We especially can't wait to try that "Vertical Takeoff and Landing"!

► Flying Car - Terrafugia Transition street-legal aircraft

Published on May 9, 2013

► Look at the specs: http://www.terrafugia.com/aircraft/tr...

Credit: Terrafugia

Worlds Fastest Watercar


Check our new video for 2013 also!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLrKQ...
WaterCar Amphibious Car built by auto body shop Fountain Valley Body Works. Check out the website www.fvbodyworks.com or www.WaterCar.com for more information. This video was filmed in Orange County California and shows the latest WaterCar designed and built by the most advanced autobody shop in Orange County.

Zeitgeist - Transportation Of The Future

World Debut of Rinspeed sQuba, First Underwater "Flying" Car

Introducing World's Fastest Amphibious Car

Top Gear : BBC: Challenge to cross The Channel in Car Boats! - Top Gear

Amphibious Vehicle Readying Commercial Launch in US

Gibbs sports amphibian Quadski

Velomobiles: Efficient Commuter Vehicles

Velomobiles are pure speed forms...which makes them so much fun to sketch! No rules except absolute aerodynamic efficiency.

The Go-One Velomobile
velomobile is a “bicycle car”, or more officially, a “human-powered vehicle, enclosed for protection from weather and collisions”. They are virtually unknown in the U.S., but a quite popular in some parts of Europe. Velomobiles are highly efficient commuting vehicles, especially when they are equipped with an electric assist motor. Velomobiles tend to attract a lot of attention — many riders devote at least 10 minutes of their day to answering questions from curious on-lookers. Some owners even finance their vehicles by putting advertisement on the sides of their bike.
Go-One Velomobile
Basically, most velomobiles are single-person recumbent tricycles, covered by a protective outer shell. Often lights, turn signals and storage compartments are incorporated into their designs. The price of a velomobile is currently about $8000 and up, and often they must be imported from Europe.
Velomobiles are heavier than regular bikes — they are faster on open roads, but going up hills is more difficult. Because they are enclosed, the rider is more protected from the elements. I think one important addition to a velomobile is an electric-assist motor. Some manufacturers already offer this as an option (the Go-One for example), and theAerorider has a built-in motor. With a motor assisting you, the weight of the velomobile becomes less of an issue, making it a more practical commuting vehicle.
A sustainable engineer, Frederik Van De Walle, has written a paper 
“The Velomobile as a Vehicle for more Sustainable Transportation”. 

Here’s the PDF file.
Waw Velomobile
The Waw Velomobile
Lots of Velomobiles
The Mango Velomobile
The Mango Velomobile
Here’s an example of a velomobile being retrofitted with a motor.
Here are some more details on Velomobile manufacturers from Wired:
Velomobiles come in two basic flavors. Partially enclosed, or “head-out” designs, such as the Quest and the Versatile, are the most popular. Proponents of these vehicles will tell you that they offer improved ventilation and are often lighter and faster than their fully enclosed counterparts.
Velomobiles that completely protect their riders from the elements, like the carbon-fiber Go-One, the Leitra and the Cab-Bike, are obviously more comfortable in the rain and snow but can suffer from fogging and icy windscreens.
In Europe, the vehicle’s primary market, the average velomobile costs between 4,000 and 6,000 euros (about $5,000 to $7,000). Importing one to the United States can significantly add to the price. Many American owners of European velomobiles paid nearly $10,000 for their vehicles. The high cost has prompted some buyers to find creative ways to finance their purchases. Many sell advertising on the highly visible vehicles, and some have been successful enough to pay for their machines two or three times over.

Images for Velomobiles

BMW X9 Concept.

BMW X9 Concept.

Khalfi Oussama is an 18-year old designer from Tunisia
design BMW X9 Concept car. He has made a breakthrough
in the automotive world with his work a concept car BMW X9.

If the Dark Knight ever wanted to ditch the Tumbler for
something a bit more snazzy, Khalfi Oussama's BMW-badged
X9 Concept would be a prime candidate for the job - preferably
in a matter black finish.

BMW X9 Concept blends the sporty bodylines of a coupe with
the rolling stock of an off-roader - much like BMW's chunky
yet sporty-looking X6 soft-roade.

bmw x9 concept

bmw x9 concept

bmw x9 concept

More details ►► http://bit.ly/YPtsaE ◄◄

12 Coolest Folding Bikes - Urban Folding Bikes for Commuting


We've collected the coolest folding bikes so you can get an idea of all the cool models out there. A lot of these are urban folding bikes for commuting, but one thing's for sure you can count on them to fold very fast and give you the green means of transportation you desire! Best! The guys at Besportier.com.
Dahon Urban Folding Bikes - Dahon Curve XL
Definitely one of our 12 Coolest Folding Bikes, the Dahon Curve XL is a bike designed precisely for basic functions like being able to fold fast, being light enough to carry easily, boasting the ability to fold small enough to tuck out of the way on a crowded bus or train, and riding well.
Dahon Curve SL
If you want to upgrade check out the Dahon Curve SL, which meant more for urban performance. This one is Dahon's top of the line super-light compact commuter bike.You can buy a 2009 Dahon Surve SL for a price of $900.
Collapsible Bike IF Mode - IF Mode Folding Bike
The IF Mode Folding Bicycle ($2579) looks like a great option for long distance riding and strutting you futuristic stuff. The IF Mode Folding Bicycle also folds really fast which is great for on the go.
Bergmoench Folding Bike - Backpack Bicycle
This Bergmoench Folding Bike is an innovative folding bike that turns into a backpack in just 2 minutes. So hike up and ride down!
Contortionist Folding Bike
The Contortionist is 24-year-old Dominic Hargreaves' entry in the UK sector's James Dyson Awards. All the parts fit in between the circumference of its 26-inch wheels when it is folded up and the wheels rotate when folded up so you can wheel it along easily. Via
DK City's folding electric bicycle by Robrady
We love this DK EZPRO design. This is from the press release: "The three new db0 bikes embody our mission to design a series of clean, bold, and innovatively simple folding bikes. Our design work promotes the folding mechanism as an integrated piece of the design- a 'focal point' that adds visual value to the bike design unlike it has ever been done before. We don't hide the fact that these bikes fold- we have made it a distinguished characteristic of the series."
Airnimal Folding Bike Suitcase
The Airnimal Folding Bike Suitcase comes with a hard carry case doubling as a bike trailer with a significant carrying capacity. It's a perfect solution for the traveler/biker.
Cube's Urban Street Concept Bike
Cube's Urban Street Concept Bike was designed by Gregor Dauth, a student at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Not only is the Urban Street Concept Bike fold able enough to fit into the back of Smart car, but can actually fit into a rucksack. The bike features integrated front lights in the brake levers, an integrated dynamo in that front wheel hub that turns on lights in the dark, and integrated rear and stop lights in the seat post. Via
Jango Flik Fold-Up Bike
The Jango Flik Fold-Up Bike is full suspension and features the VertiLink system (vertical six-bar linkage), ensuring a simple, two-second fold-up. The bike also comes with an adjustable rear suspension, a 50-tooth front chain ring and 11-28 rear cassettes.
The Flik comes in four different models, with either their disc or V brakes and eight or nine speeds.Via
Citizen Portable Folding Bikes - GOTHAM 20" 6-speed
Citizen Portable Folding Bikes like the Gotham pictures above, make a wide range of affordable folding bikes starting from around $250. The GOTHAM 20" 6-speed for example unfolds and folds and is ready to ride in seconds and is great for travel, storage or simplicity. Buy this Citizen Gotham Folding Bike for a price of $274.
Giant Folding Bike - The Contortionist
Dominic Hargreaves, a 24 year old designer, designed this sleek Giant Folding Bike, called the Contortionist. The bike folds up fast and easily and the kicker is it doesn't use a chain. The production version will use pipes and hydraulic fluid to transfer power from leg to wheel. Sweet! Hargreaves is in talks with three car manufacturers to actually make this bike. Via
Brompton P Type Folding Bicycle
Brompton Bicycles boast the moto "We do not offer standard models because nothing we build is standard: every bike is built by hand from scratch". The Brompton P Type Folding Bicycle, for example, allows for multiple riding positions via the handlebars which are designed with the touring cyclist in mind. The Brompton P Type Folding Bicycle also provides great control for maneuvering in traffic.

Worlds Largest Diesel Engine

Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C, BHP - 109,000, 40 Feet Tall & 90 Feet Long. Fitted in Emma Marsk Ship.

Would You Fly In This??

That's too much weight on those wings!!

Solent RV Concept

Solar Powered Hybrid Electric Camper with Car

Largest Solar Boat


Length: 31m
Width: 15m
Length with flaps: 35m
Width with flaps: 23m
Height: 6.10m
Draft: 1.55m
Weight: 95t
Surface area of solar modules: 537 m2
PV panel efficiency: 18.8 %
Installed PV power: 93.5 kW (127.0 HP)
Maximum engine power: 120 kW
Average engine consumption: 20 kW (26.8 HP)
Autonomy: never-ending solar navigation
Crew: 4
Number of people that can go on board: 40

Largest solar Boat.

Volkswagen Bus Limo

More At:- I Am an Engineer to Change the World

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